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Shiroe-san ☆ Log Horizon | 大宮 [pixiv] 


Work in progress
Kali Dancer from Dragon Nest

Mas mahirap pala magcolor :(

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Got to thank my buddy Kai for being the best friend ever and staying up until 5AM with me to get these cards. ~(Q__Q~) I will cry violently if the next event has any more new Dio cards.


Despite the many people there, there is a sense of distance, like the scenery is removed from oneself. In the hustle and bustle of the city, Dio feels a sense of wonder and restfulness.


On certain holidays, Dio accompanies his sister on shopping trips. The wry smile he has when he is designated as the pack mule doesn’t seem so different from students his own age.


By performing a Coupling together, Aoba gains Dio’s battle experience and piloting skills, and Dio shares Aoba’s reflexes, thereby exceeding their usual fighting power.  

I like to imagine that in the HR, Dio is yelling “OBJECTION!” It kept me sane through the night.


Buddy Complex: Battlefield Coupling

Opening Sequence



Supeeeer coooool

Well dual blader, i will chg my main in DN if this playable!


PHOTO OP: Tight Fit

Via ticklesboy_cat.


Thankyou doodles for two of my DN friends, Vinniechan and Chearom. :D

(they helped my guildmember and I clear DDN Memoria 2 last Saturday…though we were carried because we got one-shot by the fire attacks, and had no planning of Memoria beforehand, just joined due to the event. :’D)

Such burn, many painfuls. :’D

Also, I haven’t drawn in a LONG while on digital. My drawing is MEH now. :’D